Beach Waves

Create a summer look easily and anytime. The thermal protector will be your ally in keeping your waves frizz-free and shimmering with brilliance.

The perfect

This high ponytail is perfectly smooth, simple to make and is perfect for a casual or elegant look. The secret to keeping it smooth, shiny and in place: a thermal protector, a styling paste and a strong-hold hairspray.

Braided bun - Festival look

This braided bun is inspired by the festive and relaxed atmosphere. that can be found in festivals. Smoothing oil provides incredible shine while controlling frizz and keeping the hairstyle in place.

Minimalist /natural waves

Beautiful hair with waves and movement of natural appearance is very easy to achieve and adds a bohemian touch to your style. A volumizing spray provides volume and the required texture, while a long-lasting hairspray with a supple allows you to achieve the ultimate styled-decorated look.

Hollywood Look

A simple separation on the side transforms this wandering hairstyle. lightly tousled into an elegant Hollywood star look. The waves stand out for their volume and shine. while the strong-hold hairspray provides control ultimate and keeps hair in place all day long.

Diffuser 101

Find out how to create this light, textured beach look with the complicity of the diffuser. This one distributes the heat uniformly to control frizz, while his long fingers are used to control allow to give volume and to have well defined loops.