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The Beauté Points loyalty program is a personalized loyalty experience that rewards customers for shopping in store, online, through their representative or through customer service.

By registering for the Beauté Star Loyalty Program, you will be able to accumulate points redeemable in dollars ($) and enjoy a personalized shopping experience! Sign up now and receive :

  • An offer on your birthday
  • Exclusive offers just for you
  • Suggestions of products according to your tastes
  • Even more!

The Beauté Star loyalty program is aimed at all its customers*.

*Some exceptions apply. Customers entitled to a discount on certain brands of products cannot combine the program with their discount, but they will be able to benefit from the basic points. Representative accounts are not eligible for the program.

Eligible purchases include all offers in Beauté Star magazine (in-store, online, through your representative or through customer service).

You will get Beauté Points thanks to offers in Beauté Star magazine. Each item identified gives the right to loyalty points when using your card (in stores, online or via your representative). Every 100 points gives you $1 in cash back.

Upon return of merchandise, credit or refund to a participating store, through a representative or customer service, Beauté Star points awarded at the time of purchase will be deducted from the total points in the customer’s account. The Beauté Star Loyalty Card must therefore be presented to complete the transaction.

If Beauté Star points are used to make a purchase and that purchase is cancelled, the Beauté Star points used will be reinstated to the account and cannot be refunded in cash. The Beauté Star Loyalty Card must be available for the transaction.

Exchanges: There is no impact for exchanges of equal value. If the item is exchanged for another item of higher value, the difference will be added as an expense. If the item is exchanged for another item of lower value, the difference will be subtracted from your total expenses.

If a customer’s Beauté Star Loyalty Card has not been used for twelve (12) months, then the points may expire. If a card is inactive, a notice will be sent by e-mail 30 to 60 days before the expiry of the points, indicating the specific date on which inactivity will result in the expiry of the points. Following the expiry of this delay, if the customer does not make new purchases or exchanges of points, or if the cardholder cancels his or her Beauté Star Loyalty card, all Beauté Star points accumulated in his or her file will be automatically cancelled without compensation.

Only one card can be associated with a Beauté Star account.

An email address must be provided in order to activate the card so that you can start using your points. This email address will also be used to send you offers that will allow you to accumulate more points.

Base points are those accumulated automatically when you present your card when making purchases in store, online, through your representative or via customer service. Each $2 purchase gives you 1 point. Bonus points are those you receive when you purchase targeted offers on which bonus points are offered.

Mobile application: Go to the “My Profile” section and slide your finger to the left to go to “Personal Information”. You will then be able to update your profile details.

Online: Go to the “My Profile” section of your account to update your personal information.

Unfortunately not, since your account is personal and cannot be shared with others. This includes your customer ID and any personalized offers you receive.

Call our Customer Experience Department to cancel your membership: Canada: 1.800.361.1978

If you have any other questions, please review our Terms and Conditions or contact our Customer Experience Department at 1-800-361-1978 (Canada) or by email: info@beautestar.com