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8thSense is energy efficient, has low electrical consumption
and is good for the environment. 8thSense is an innovative
invention of modern engineering and design. It was dreamed,
projected and manufactured in Italy.

-Warranty 1 year

- 8thSense is the very first dryer that fits all eight existing types
of hair, from thick hair to thin hair, to very delicate baby fine hair,
to fragile and damaged hair.

-Thanks to the electronic regulation of temperature and
air flow, you may create any style you want.

-A blow, a whisper, 8thSense is silent due to the special structure
of the back filter that breaks the sound waves, especially in the
high tones. A built-in filter-silencer filters the air and prevents the
hair from being sucked into the tool.

-Has a motor developed for reduced electricity consumption due
to an advanced adjustable power setting from 300 Watts to 2,100 Watts (at 240 V)

-The heart of 8thSense is a motor controlled by a power regulator
that adjusts infinite combinations of heat and power. It is such an
intuitive system that interfaces or displays are not needed.

-The most ergonomic dryer available thanks to the reduced distance
between the hand of the user and the handle

-Long life AC professional motor

-Ionic-ceramic system for the greatest hair moisture

-Two air concentrators: large one for brushing, narrow one for the styling

-Instant cold air shot