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Conditions of use


We welcome you to the website dedicated to the Beauté Star company, accessible at the following URL : (the “site”).

We invite you to carefully read the following General conditions of use that govern the use of this website. While using our website, you will accept without reserve all the General conditions of use set forth herein.


By visiting the Beauté Star website, you accept the modalities and stipulations of the present contract, and this, as long as you are on the Beauté Star website. You acknowledge having read and understood these conditions. If you do not want to be linked by these General conditions of use, you cannot use and order products by way of the

To access and use this website you must be over 18 years old. If you are a minor, the preliminary authorisation of your parents will be necessary. You must have a diploma in hairstyling and/or in esthetic and hold an account with Beauté Star to become a member of this website and to be authorized to make purchases on the online store of this website.

You may be asked to fill required fields in a form, signaled as such by an asterisk. In such case, it is necessary that you complete those fields before you enter the website and that you have a valid email. Any erroneous or incomplete inscription will not be taken into account.

You acknowledge that the data that you communicate to us and that are stocked in our information systems are accurate and are proof of your identity. We thank you to let us know of any eventual modification of this data.

The access to this website and/or some of its Sections might require the use of personal access codes. In such case, it is your responsibility to take the necessary measures to insure the privacy of these codes and you take upon yourself the responsibility of the transactions made in your account with the help of your password. You can, of course, modify them at any moment. However, the number of attempts to access the website and/or some Sections could be limited in order to prevent a fraudulent use of these codes. We invite you to inform us of any fraudulent use that you might eventually know of. Beauté Star will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting notably of the lack of respect of the security measures stated in this present section.

In case of lack of respect of the rules described in the present General conditions, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the website. In such case, we will inform you promptly.

Although we try to maintain the website accessible at any moment, we cannot guarantee this access in all circumstances. Indeed, and notably for maintenance, updating reasons, or for any reason that we do not control, the access to the website could be interrupted.

Beauté Star does not do any representation to the effect that elements of this website could be used in other places other than in Canada and it is forbidden to access the website from territories where the legislation would prescribe that the content or the use of this website is illegal. Those that choose to use the website do it of their own initiative and it is their responsibility to comply to all the applicable local laws. All claims related to the website and to the elements that it contains, or resulting of the use of the website, is govern by the applicable laws on the territory of the province of Quebec.


The website and each of the elements that compose it (such as brands, images, texts, videos, etc.) are protected in title of the intellectual property. The development of this website entailed important investments and a commune work from our teams. For this reason, and except express stipulation included in the presents, we do not concede to you any other right than the one to consult the website for your purely and only personal and private use. Any use, reproduction or representation of this website (in whole or in part) or of the elements contained within it, on any medium whatsoever, for any other purpose, and particularly commercial use, is expressly prohibited.


Firstly, we remind you that the use of this site implies that you have material expertise and the necessary software for the use of the internet.

For that matter, we remind you that the internet cannot guarantee the safety, the availability and the integrity of the data transmissions, we will not be held responsible in case of mistakes, omissions, removals, delays, failures (particularly because of a virus), the lines of communication, the technological material and the software for which we have no control or in case of unauthorized use or degradation of eventual contents that you might publish on this site.

Specific stipulations on certain Sections
Different Sections can be put at your disposition on this site: Downloadable contents, etc. (the “Section(s)”).

Downloadable contents

We could put to your disposition on this site contents that you will be allowed to download (the “Downloadable contents”). By downloading or using these Downloadable contents, you commit yourself to use them in compliance with the present Conditions of use.

We grant you, for your own personal and private needs, free of charge and for the legal duration of the protection of copyright, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use of the Downloadable content. Any reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Downloadable content will have to be subject to an express authorisation of our part.


General disposition
We endeavour to deliver to you the exact information and updates. However, the data transmissions and the information on the internet not benefiting of a relative technical reliability, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the whole of the information that appear on this site.

For that matter, we remind you that inaccuracies or omissions can appear in the available information on this site notably by intrusion by a third party. We invite you to inform us of any inaccuracy or omission via email at

Information on the products and services
Unless other stipulation, the products and services that are presented to you on this site do not constitute a sales offer but a general presentation of the range of products and services that we distribute in the country in which this site is located. All prices are in Canadian dollars and are valid in Canada only.

Recommendations and diagnosis tools
The recommendations dispensed on this site and/or the diagnosis tools eventually available are simple simulations destined to obtain recommendations of cosmetological order.

The information is given only on an indicative basis and cannot replace in any cases a medical diagnosis or a clinical consultation, nor can it be substituted in place of a medical treatment.

Consequently, we cannot guarantee full satisfaction regarding the recommendations resulting from the use of those tools and we do not take any responsibility as for the use you can make of it.

The links offered on this site could lead you on websites edited by third parties whose contents we do not control, nor do we control the language used. Consequently, and in the measure that the links were included on this site only to facilitate your surfing on the internet, the consultation of third parties’ sites will be of your choice and exclusive responsibility.

Moreover, if you wish to create hypertext links toward this site, an authorisation request will have to be previously addressed to us by sending an email to

Cookies are little files that are stored on your computer while you are visiting a website (for example, the pages you consulted, the date and the hour of the consultation, etc.) and that will be read when you visit this same website.

To benefit from all the features of the website, it is best to authorize the cookies to be stored. We remind you that cookies don’t allow us to identify you and that the duration of the conservation of the stored data by the cookies in your computer is of 6 months.

However, and in compliance with the Office of the privacy commissioner of Canada, we inform you that you can prevent cookies from being stored if you wish by adjusting your browser settings accordingly (details available on www.priv.gc-ca/leg_c/r_o_p_f.asp).

Applicable law
The present agreement on the service conditions is governed by the applicable laws in the province of Quebec. You hereby recognise that all litigation resulting from or related to the use of the services and of the Beauté Star website will be submitted to the competent courts in the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.

All contents (texts, illustrations and images) reproduced on the Beauté Star site is protected by copyright law thus the intellectual property right and through the world.

Unless otherwise specified in one or another sections of the Beauté Star site, no element of the Beauté Star site can be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any manner, without prior written permission of the Beauté Star company. You are allowed to post or download the elements of the Beauté Star site, but only for non-commercial purposes and on condition that you do not modify those elements and that you keep all the intellectual property notices that they contain. Any unauthorized use of said contents could expose you to a civil and/or criminal liability.

Responsibility limitation
The and the elements that it contains are provided as is, without any guarantee, implicit or explicit. Subject to any public legislation to the contrary, Beauté Star disclaims all responsibility and gives no warranty, including warranties of merchantability or convenience for a particular purpose. In addition, Beauté Star marks no representation regarding the use, downloading, validity, accuracy or reliability of the elements displayed on the or regarding the results from the use of such elements. Although Beauté Star does everything possible to ensure that the Beauté Star site contains no error, Beauté Star disclaims any responsibility for any errors that may appear on the website. Its related companies, its managers, employees, representatives or agents will, under no circumstances, be liable for any damages directly or indirectly held to the use of the , including the loss of data or profit resulting from the use of the elements of the or the incapacity to use those elements.

In the event where the responsibility of the towards you could be retained, it will be limited to an amount of money equivalent to the price that you paid for the returned products. Notwithstanding the above, nothing in the present article could have the effect to limit whatever law you might have as a consumer in virtue of either one of the public order laws that could be applied in your case.

Superior force
Beauté Star will not be responsible of the non-performance, entirely or partially, of one of its obligations towards you, nor of the damages or losses that you might be subjected to, if the non-performance, the damages or the losses resulting from a case of superior force or of a circumstance beyond our control.


We may collect personal data concerning you, notably when you subscribe to a service, download a Downloadable content, use a Section and/or a diagnosis tool, subscribe to a game/contest, send us an email, answer a survey or a study.

Those data of a personal nature will be the subject of a computer treatment intended exclusively to Beauté Star and could be used as followed:

  – Statistical studies: we compile and study your data in order to define your profile and to better adapt our services to your expectations. Those statistical studies are strictly confidential;
  – Follow-up of the client relationship: if you send us a message, the data are kept and used in order to bring an answer to your demand and to ensure the follow-up;
  – Supplying services: sending of newsletters, the accessibility to certain advice spaces, etc.
  – Moreover, and if you authorized it by checking the box to that effect, we may transfer your personal data to our partners.

In compliance with the law on information technology and individual freedom from January 6, 1978 and modified in 2004, you have a right to access, to oppose, to rectify and to suppress data concerning you. You can exercise this right at any moment by sending a written demand, accompanied by a photocopy of a piece of identification with photo or your passport to:

Beauté Star 1700, rue Fleetwood . Laval . Québec . H7N 0C6

Beauté Star has established advanced security measures in order to protect you against the loss or the unauthorized use of information regarding you that will be under the control of Beauté Star, notably information concerning your credit card. The servers of the use the most recent data transmission technology (“Secure Socket Layers” (SSL encryptions 128 bits)), that renders their transmission highly secure because used by the large Canadian banks.

All your personal data are encrypted by SSL at the time of their input, which renders an impossible reading during their transfer via the internet. No information linked to the order, including your name, address and credit card number, is openly circulating on the internet.

From My Account page, you can at all times validate or modify your personal information. You can also complete those procedures by communicating directly with If you wish to close your account, you have to communicate directly with


We may modify the contents and information included in this site as well as the present Conditions of Use, notably in order to respect any new legislation and/or regulations than can be applied and/or in order to improve the site. Any modification will be integrated in the present Conditions of use.


The website of Beauté Star is an intellectual work protected by intellectual property right. The site and each of its elements that compose it (such as brands, logos, pictures, images, illustrations, texts, video clips…) are the exclusive property of Beauté Star, the only one authorized to use the intellectual property rights and personality rights linked to it, thereof not conceding any licence, nor any other right than the one of consulting the site.

The reproduction of all published documents on the site is only authorized for the exclusive purpose of information for strictly personal and private use. Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the website, or any of the elements contained within it, on any medium whatsoever, for any other purpose, and particularly commercial use, is expressly prohibited.

The creation of hypertext links to the website of Beauté Star requires prior written authorization from Beauté Star, Beauté Star does not accept any responsibility for the content, publicity, products or services available and the language used (such as English) on or from sites linked to its website.

All authorization’s request must be addressed to the following email All unauthorized use constitutes an infringement sanctioned by law.


Beauté Star may collect personal data regarding the User. In compliance with the stipulations of the Law of 6 January 1978, referred to as the “Law on Information Technology and Civil Liberties”, the User is informed that he has a right of access and of rectification of the data which concern him. To exercise this right, the User must write a letter to the following address:

Beauté Star 1700, rue Fleetwood . Laval . Québec . H7N 0C6

Finally, unless opposition on the part of the User, Beauté Star could transfer the data concerning him to its partners.


1. Use of the site content
Beauté Star endeavours to update the site content and to deliver to the Users accurate information. However, the User is aware that the transmission of data and information on the internet benefit of only a relative technical reliability, as this data is circulating across a wide range of different types of network. Therefore, Beauté Star cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data featured on this site, including the descriptions, the images and the prices of the products. The final price to pay will be indicated in the cart at the checkout, and not on the product page. Furthermore, please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice and product images are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual product. If a product is not as described, you may return or exchange it according to our Returns & Exchanges Policy. The colours of the products are portrayed as accurately as possible on the website however, the colours you see may depend on the monitor you are using. Therefore, Beauté Star cannot guarantee that the colours you see are the actual colours of the products.

All error or omission will have to be notified to the following email:

An utilisation of the website not in compliance with its goal and original spirit as well as any breach of the provisions of the terms of these general conditions will be subject to prosecution as provided by the Law.

2. Access to the site
Beauté Star strives to keep the site accessible, without however being subject to any obligation to achieve this. It is specified that access to the site may be interrupted for the purposes of maintenance, updating or any other reason, particularly of a technical nature. Under no circumstances shall Beauté Star be liable for these interruptions and the consequences which could result from them for the user.

3. The hypertexts links put into place on this site
The hypertexts links put into place on this site can lead the User on different partners’ websites. It is stated that Beauté Star did not verify all the sites eventually linked to his, their content, the language used and the information that are present on such sites, and consequently is not responsible for the content of these sites, their language and of the use of these sites by the User. The use of these sites by the user is the sole responsibility of the user.


Beauté Star retains the right to amend the present conditions for use of the site at any time, in particular to ensure compliance with any new regulations or legislation applicable and / or to improve the quality of the User’s visit to the site. Any amendment to the way in which the site is used shall be incorporated into the present conditions.

Last update: February 4, 2020