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About us

About us

Beauté Star is the leader in Quebec in the distribution of professional hairstyling products


Our mission

Beauté Star offers diverse professional beauty products, chosen with care and that meet the needs of our clientele. Our strengths reside in our team’s creativity, our clients’ continuous education and our vast distribution network.


The Star Bédard company was founded in 1978 by France Bédard Bourdon and Gaétan Bourdon. It is the result of the acquisition of the Étoile de beauté company located in Ville St-Laurent and, in 1989, of the Ulrich Bédard Ltd company, located in Quebec City. It is in 1994 that the owners join the forces of these two entities to form one company unde the name: Star Bédard.

Over the years, the company has been expanding its territory, as well as its product and service offering. Today, we have around 240 employees, spread between our two headquarters (Laval and Quebec City), 55 sales representatives and 24 stores. We have two types of stores to better serve our customers: the Classic stores where all ofof our products, furniture and accessories are available, as well as class rooms for our trainings, and the Studio stores, where a large selection of our withproducts and accessories can be found. We are proud to offer to all the province of Quebec, the North of New-Brunswick and the East of Ontario, quality, professional and exclusive hair and beauty products ratioat an affordable price. You will find at Star Bédard everything needneeded for a hair salons, from hair clips to a hydraulic chair.

Today, this company is owned and managed by the Bourdon family via the two sisters, Marie-Christine and Marie-Danielle. Their goal is to remain the leader in the hairstyling industry by showing innovation and audacity.

In 2020, Star Bédard changed its name to Beauté Star inc.